The book is written by Drs. Scott Tannenbaum and Eduardo Salas, colleagues who have collaborated together for over 30 years. They offer a unique perspective, as they have spent much of their careers working with, providing advice to, and conducting highly-cited research on teams in almost every setting imaginable – from deep underground to up in space. They possess strong academic credentials but more importantly, tons of practical experience.

Collectively, they have supported well over 600 organizations globally, including more than one-third of the Fortune 100. Some of the teams they have worked with and supported include:

  • Boards of Directors, C-Suite, and other leadership teams (across various industries)
  • Medical and healthcare teams (e.g., Mayo Clinic, Cedars-Sinai, MD Anderson, Forward Surgical teams deploying to Afghanistan)
  • Aerospace teams (researching and providing tools to NASA astronauts and mission controllers as they prepare for mission to Mars)
  • Crews on cruise ships (observed teams at seven cruise lines immediately after the Costa Concordia incident)
  • Teams of Smoke Jumpers (people who parachute into forests to combat fires)
  • Exploration and production teams (e.g., crews on oil rigs in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico; teams of geoscientists and drillers)
  • Military units (including the Air Force, Army, and Navy in various countries)
  • Teams of investment analysts (highly paid experts providing investment advice about various industries)
  • Manufacturing teams (in both highly automated and labor-intensive settings)
  • Mining crews (e.g., to ensure miners can work as a team to escape a mine collapse)
  • Saturation dive teams, working hundreds of feet below the sea in the Bay of Bengal and elsewhere
  • Teams from virtually every major corporate function (e.g., finance, technology, sales…even actuaries!)

They have conducted and published an extensive amount of research, much of it related to team effectiveness:

  • Between them, they have published over 600 articles and book chapters
  • Their research has been cited over 100,000 times
  • They have won many awards for their research and achievements and have been named Fellows in several prestigious Psychological Societies.
Dr. Tannenbaum

Dr. Scott Tannenbaum
The Group for Organizational Effectiveness, Inc.

Dr. Salas

Dr. Eduardo Salas
Professor & Department Chair
Department of Psychological Sciences, Rice University

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