Organizations are increasingly asking their employees to work together collaboratively. Many professional schools are also emphasizing teamwork to help prepare their students for the workplace (e.g., medicine, engineering, law, business, healthcare, science, technology). Trainers and educators alike need resources they can use to develop better team leaders and members.

Whether at work or at school, we believe people should learn what really enables teams to succeed, which of course is the focus of Teams That Work! We’ve written the book to make the science of teamwork accessible and actionable.

If you are an educator or learning professional, we think you’ll find this book to be a useful resource for building teamwork competencies in executive education, corporate training, and college classes/projects.

Book features

  • Grounded in research yet written to be immediately applicable
  • Practical implications summarized at the end of each chapter
  • Full of interesting examples to engage learners
  • Common myths about teamwork are dispelled – these make great discussion points
  • Separate chapters on each of the 7 drivers make it easy to chunk learning (chapters 4 – 10)
  • Chapter 11 provides a high-level summary of the book, often useful with senior leaders (along with chapter 15)
  • Application chapters offer targeted advice for different audiences:
    • Team leaders – Helping your team succeed (chapter 12)
    • Team members – Being a great team member (chapter 13)
    • Consultants – Enabling teams to improve (chapter 14)
    • Senior leaders – Promoting teamwork in your organization (chapter 15)
  • A quick team diagnostic and a team debriefing guide can be used in group projects or to promote action learning
  • A set of practical tips linked to common teamwork challenges can support action planning exercises
  • Professors who want to supplement the book with primary source research will find full citations at the end of the book

Supplemental resources

  • The Teams That Work Teamwork Advisor – Your student teams can use this free on-line resource to diagnose and remediate challenges
  • A pre-recorded Science of Teamwork webinar – Students can watch this 34-minute webinar as a quick overview
  • A 90-minute podcast – Your students can watch Scott respond to a broad range of questions about team effectiveness
The Seven Drivers of Teamwork